Marcia(aka Star Sister)– You’re on a planet being swept by severe geomagnetic storms, where wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are all raging.

As terrifying and heart-wrenching as the flames and the floodwaters are, they’re signaling, along with the winds and the splitting earth, the new reality that’s calling you. Calling us all. It’s ready to be born. It’s time. Within us, and around us. The time is — quite literally — now.

It hasn’t even been three days hours since Luna ripened to fullness in the arms of Neptune. This week’s Pisces Full Moon brought “the big reveal” of all that’s been developing beneath the surface since our total eclipse of the heart.

Three of Luna’s her most powerful cosmic sisters stepped up to help deliver that message. The dwarf planet Ceres, together with her edge-dwelling sisters Eris and Haumea, split the full moon sky wide open with one of the most dynamic and tense of cosmic energy patterns — a cardinal T-square. There’s no hiding from a cardinal T-square. Its message is simple and direct: evolve or perish, in one form or another.

Just to make sure we were paying attention, almost immediately after the Full Moon our Sun hurled a mighty stream of star stuff out into the solar system, towards us — an X-flare, the most potent of all. It was the first to be sent towards Planet Earth in two years. Hours later, that ribbon of star stuff was followed by another — an X-9.3 flare, the most intense we’ve experienced since 1990.

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In the days since the New Moon, three powerful M-flares and another X-flare have followed — super-charging the lunar field with high-frequency celestial energy. This energy field isn’t just over the top. It’s over the top of the top and beyond the beyond.

September 7, 2017 — was as energetically immense as anything you have ever lived through in this incarnation. Yesterday didn’t bring a message. It was a message — to your heart and to our global heart — from the Great Heart.

The Cosmos was already signaling that you can help stabilize and balance the intense energies of a transforming earth, in support of all beings. Because you’re in no way separate from this intensely transforming field. You’re part of it.

Yesterday was also the day that Mercury, our Cosmic Messenger, made his third and final passage through the degree of our total eclipse of the heart, less than three weeks ago. And then he exchanged the strong, flowing energy astrologer call a trine with the edge-dweller named Quaoar. Like all the planets who reside in our solar system’s outermost edge, Quaoar’s energy can transform reality. His frequencies are those that literally sing and dance new realities into being.

And then Jupiter, our pipeline to wisdom and grace, merged his frequencies with those of Haumea — the force that rebirths the world by rebirthing our own consciousness — in a mighty cosmic blessing for the first time in 12 years.

Tomorrow, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded will be hours away from the coast of Florida. Residents of Oaxaca and Chiapas, two of Mexico’s most impoverished areas, will be confronting the devastation wrought by their country’s most powerful earthquake in a century. Fires will continue to burn in the American West, where over six billion trees are already charred.

And our Sun, the great heart of our solar system, will exchange a strong and auspicious energy of a trine with Pluto, who carries the deepest form of power in our solar system — the power to transform our reality. Jupiter will create new opportunity to move towards the blessings of the good future as he sextiles our evolutionary GPS, the Moon’s North Node.

Our heart-centered actions and intentions aligned with wisdom, generosity, tolerance, and faith, can bring great blessing to the Earth and all her children this weekend. Your prayers, your energy, your actions of compassion and generosity will be powerfully supported and magnified by the Universe.

This is the time, to answer the call from the Great Heart to your heart. However you do it, take your stand on the evolutionary edge. Stand with the planet. Stand with Life. Join the millions across our globe who are praying, chanting, visualizing, meditating, directing and co-creating energy, staffing shelters, answering phones, opening their hearts to a transforming world.

When you do, you’re modifying a new world. Across timelines and dimensions, the Universe is multiplying your intentions.


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